Current Members

Fire Chief Matthew Welander

Medical Division Chief Carly Bean

Training Division Chief William Howell

Firefighter/ EMT Adin Welander

Firefighter/EMT Amy Johnson-Carpenter

Firefighter/EMT Angus Carpenter

Firefighter/EMT Byron Orme

Firefighter/EMT Chris De Capua

Firefighter/EMT Greg Seals

Firefighter/EMT Luis Aponte

Firefighter Harley Carpenter

Firefighter Josh Turner

Wild land Firefighter Gage Bailey

Wild land Firefighter John Boucher

Wild land Firefighter Samantha Glover

Trainee Ashley Chrisman

IT Support Katrina Jacobson

Secretary Christina Johnson


Photo: 2017 Recruit Academy

"Giving back to my immediate community is important to me and being able to help somebody on what is potentially the worst day of their life is a rewarding experience and is the reason I decided to become a volunteer"


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